iButton Reader

The iButton Reader is a simple application that talks to the iButton DS9490R USB Comport adaptor and displays the id of any iButton tags that are touched onto the iButton Reader.


The data Displayed can be customised to show only part of the 16 character iButton id. Other data conversions are also possible.

The application is written in VB6 and uses a configuration setting to customise what is displayed and how it processes the read.


  • DS9490R USB comport adaptor
  •        IButton2_1.jpg

  • iButton Reader (DS1402D-DR8 - Blue Dot Receptor with RJ-11 cable)
  •        IButton1.jpg

  • iButton tags (also known as Dallas tags)
    •    IButton3.jpg

    Price is $300 and includes:
                    • iButton Reader software
                    • DS9490R USB Comport adaptor
                    • iButton touch reader
                    • single PC, life-time licence

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