Hawkeye 600 Reporter
The Hawkeye 600 reporter is a database application that replaces the dot-matrix printer connected to the Hawkeye 600 Data Collector. It stores and retains all the data printed from the Data Collector. This data can then be viewed, printed and exported.title.jpg

The Hawkeye 600 system is a low cost sports venue access and control system.
It's a 'hardware' based system that's primarily used in Squash Clubs.

Main features of Hawkeye 600 reporter:HK3.jpg
• MS Access database with a friendly, forms-based interface

• Very simple and informative interface with the Hawkeye 600 hardware 

• All Hawkeye 600 data viewable on forms

• Flexible reporting for Members, Games and Door Entriesmemreport.jpg

• Ability to export member and game information to Excel

• Retains game data for as long as you require with an automatic data purge feature if required

• Recognises 'deleted' members, flags them as 'Deleted' but retains all related data

System Requirements:
• MS Access 2002 (XP) or higher version
• 1 serial comm. port

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Hawkeye 600 Flyer [H600ReporterFlyer.pdf (632.61 KB)]
Hawkeye 600 User Manual [H600 Reporter User Guide.pdf (1.69 MB)]

Purchase Info
Hawkeye 600 Reporter can be purchased from Databases By Design for $400 excl GST.
This gives you an installation package that covers the serial port communication components and also a comprehensive user guide that covers installation, hardware setup and the user manual.



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