On-going Enhancement
In our experience, businesses strive for growth. Their tools need to evolve to cover the changing needs and directions. And a database is an essential tool. While enhancement of the database application may be essential, it needs to be carefully managed. 

It is important that someone takes on the role of the 'database owner' (expert user / database administrator). They may be our contact point within your organisation. They should be pro-active in identifying potential enhancements. We then give feedback on feasibility, impact and the amount of work involved. Any decisions are made weighing up the costs vs the benefits of the enhancement.

In most situations, the actual enhancement work is done off-site. Implementing a new version is usually straight forward because the front-end application does not have any data, so can just be overwritten. Version numbers are maintained and a table within the front-end application documents the changes made with each version.

For some clients we maintain a prioritised enhancement list. This means ideas are not lost and the schedule of enhancements can easily be managed.

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