Supporting the System
This starts with appropriate training during implementation. This might range from a one-on-one meeting with the person who is testing the system, through to a workshop style session with a group of users.

Follow-up on-site workshops may be useful to help users to be as efficient as possible and to help us identify where improvements are needed.

Where immediate answers are required, we are available on the phone.
We also use Team Viewer for remote desktop support. You can easily install a free 'host' Team Viewer QuickSupport module that avoids the need to modify firewalls. Team Viewer can be used for presentations to any number of users.
Skype is also an option for web-based discussion, video link and desktop viewing. 
And of course, there's email - where we try to respond to email queries within 24 hours.
NOTE: if you are emailing an mdb file, always zip it first.

Normally we do not use support contracts with fixed monthly/quarterly amounts, but charge our standard hourly rate for actual time spent.

The next step in developing applications is Ongoing Enhancement.

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