Developing and Implementing in Stages
We like to involve the client as much as possible during development. This gives us feedback at the earliest point and minimises the amount of 're-working'. This involvemnt is best achieved by giving the Client the database application in stages and letting then try out the user interface, test the business logic and see how the system fits with their expectations.

Early on there needs to be agreement as to which parts of the system will go into each stage. Depending on the size of the system there may be between 2 and 5 stages.

We also appreciate that priorities may change, especially as users see the new database working and get ideas for improvements.

As stages are implemented, appropriate training is given. This might range from a one-on-one meeting with the person who is testing the system, through to a workshop style session with a group of users. The style and content of training is based on the complexity of the system and user group's knowledge of MS Access. It is arranged at an early stage to allow the client to organise their resources.

The next step in developing applications is Supporting the System.

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