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Remote support tool - TeamViewer
We now use Team Viewer for remote desktop support.
This tool is extremely easy to install and does not require any firewall changes to use.
Clients of Databases by Design can download the free host utility TeamViewer QuickSupport and immediately get a connection and desktop support.
TeamViewer has a audio option as well for those clients with microphone and speakers.

View more info on TeamViewer here
User Logons
Within the Application pages there are links to secured pages that will contain useful information and downloads for existing users of the software.
To gain access to these secured pages, a logon and password will be issued to those users.

We are still finalising the content on those pages, so the logon information has NOT been sent yet.

We hope to send the logon information by email by the end of August.

Corrupt Database?
Do you have a corrupt database that you can't repair?


We have a tool (Access Recovery) that may fixed your problem. This tool is very good for extracting data from corrupt databases. Contact us and try to help.

Our guarantee: no data - no charge!


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