TWPanel.jpgTouchweigh is weighbridge control software for unattended weighbridges. It has a touchscreen interface for drivers to gather data and complete the weigh themselves. It interfaces with the weighbridge scale indicator, vehicle tag readers, traffic lights, barrier arms and other weighbridge devices.

The Touchweigh system is sold by Way Forward Technologies Ltd. Nick Stewart of Databases By Design designed the database and developed the software under contract to WFT. The Touchweigh system can also purchased through Weighbridge suppliers, so if you are looking for a Weighbridge and software package, then this would be done through a Weighbridge supplier like Maximus Scales Ltd.

Touchweigh is written in Microsoft Visual BASIC 6.0 and Microsoft Access using software controlled relays for traffic light, barrier arm and other switchable devices. The system also uses other specialised software to communicate with serial port, USB and network devices, like weighbridge indicators, RFId readers and iButton readers.
For each site a component map document is produced that help the engineers, technicians, software developers, IT support staff and local site managers understand the components involved. [view example component map]

The system is consists of multiple modules:NVCoal25.jpg
• The Weighbridge Application is the driver interface and the program that communicates with the scale Indicator(s), vehicle identification systems and other devices such as traffic lights, barrier arms, etc.
• The Back-end Database is an Access database containing all the data tables. This can cope with huge transactions volumes. E.g. 1 site has a 67 MB database with 5 years of weighs and 240,000 transactions. Most programming languages and database systems can ‘link’ to MS Access. This can be useful for production/financial systems interfacing, web site reporting, web page maintenance forms and data replication.
• The Administration module is an Access database with a forms interface for maintaining the data.
• The Reporter module is an Access database that provides a large variety of customiseable transaction reports and exports.
• The Transaction Entry module is an Access database for manual data-entry from non-automated sites or from back-up after system outages.
• There are several specialised modules used when one or more weighbridges are separated from a central database. Modules used, would depend on the type of connection available  (LAN/WAN/dial-up, etc) and required frequency of updates.

TWScreen1.jpgThe system is designed foremost for unattended use. Drivers who have never seen the system, with no prior training, need to easily use and understand the system. This is achieved by:
• Always giving the driver only valid options so mistakes are minimised
• Showing the driver only one thing at a time
• Big, simple instructions
• Big buttons for big fingers

The system is also designed to be highly configurable and flexible.
• Software configuration settings allow features to be ‘turned off’, so the system appears as simple or as complex as is required.
TWBridge1.jpg• Weighbridge configurations can vary: short bridges, full size bridges, dual (end-to-end) bridges and multiple (In / Out) bridges
• While the touchscreen is usually inside a kiosk it can be placed on a pole beside the weighbridge
• The flexibility means the weighbridge owner has complete control over what the drivers see, the data they get asked to enter and how they enter it.

This all means Touchweigh is suitable for ANY industry, from specialised in-house weighbridge operations to general weighbridge service providers.

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Product Info Sheet [Touchweigh 3000 Product (2.08 MB)]

Configuration Options [TW PC Configurations for Admin.pdf]

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Please contact Peter O'Keefe ( ) at Way Forward Technologies Ltd for a demo and/or quote.


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